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Stunning computer graphics and ‘Post-Avatar Depression’

Check out this jaw-dropping, computer generated animation by Alex Roman, called “The Third & The Seventh.”  If it weren’t for the ‘making-of’ videos that accompany this piece, I couldn’t possibly have believed this isn’t real video footage (even if it were, it would be equally compelling).  He made this using 3DsMax, Vray, AfterEffects and Premiere on […]

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3D Mesh Import into Second Life: A Sneak Peek at SLCC!

I couldn’t be there, so I don’t know exactly how it went down (note to self… don’t miss SLCC next year!).  All I can do is paste a few early snippets from those who witnessed the announcement: “At his keynote today at SLCC09, Tom Hale aka T Linden presented a sneak peak of 3D mesh import into […]

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The Next Generation of Virtual Visualization: Vray Rendering + Dynamic Shade and Shadow

Check out this Vray rendered model uploaded on the ArchVirtual grid by Jules Vos.  The rendering quality, combined with the dynamic shade and shadow create a visually stunning and comparably low-cost way to experience an architectural design. We added finishing touches and entourage directly from SketchUp – via Google 3D Warehouse (row boat, landscaping elements […]

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3D Model Interoperability in Second Life

We really, really need your help on this one!  I am confident that if the readers of this blog collectively vote as a unified voice to push 3D Model Interoperability as a priority item for Linden Lab, we will be heard.  You all know that Importing and exporting models is currently the biggest bottleneck preventing […]

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