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Muscat Youth Summit Virtual World

A virtual environment inspired by Arabic architectural traditions for a client in Muscat Oman. تطلق العالم الافتراضي للقمة ل Muscat الشباب

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New Build and Upcoming Events in Unity3D / jibe

Tomorrow (Dec. 2nd), I’ll be joining Kyle Gomboy from ReactionGrid and Anders Gronstedt from Gronstedt Group for their ‘Train for Success‘ meeting.  We will be meeting at the new space I recently finished for the Gronstedt Group – built with Unity3D, and published to ReactionGrid’s ‘jibe’ platform for multi-user access.  You can access the build […]

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Multi-User Unity3D Meeting Space

I just posted this new build, using some of the new features of Unity 3 and ReactionGrid’s latest release of Jibe.  Still a work in progress, but you’re welcome to stop in and critique!  Click HERE or on the image below to enter.

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