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What features would you like to see in the next Basic Architectural Assets Pack for for Unity3d?

We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback following the release of Architectural Beginner’s Kit 1 and Architectural Beginner’s Kit 2 packages and tutorials for use within the Unity3D game engine. In fact, those who purchased the kit have reported reductions in development time (up to 2 weeks) and development cost savings when compared with having to develop these assets from scratch.

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Introducing the Architectural Beginner’s Kit for Unity3d: Prefab Resources and Tutorial for Architecture and Design Visualization Projects

Here’s a video showing the kit in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVQ9v3O-mZQ Here’s a demo scene: http://archvirtual.com/ABK1/WebPlayer.html Here’s where you can purchase and download the kit, to include these resources in your own projects: http://archvirtual.com/ABK1/EULA.html [Update: New Architectural Beginner's kit 2 is now available!  More info here: http://archvirtual.com/?p=3027 ] No doubt about it, Unity3D is a game changer for […]

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Realtime Architectural Visualization with Unity3D

[UPDATE: We have now published an eBook about Architectural Visualization with Unity3D (including a chapter about Oculus Rift) that can be purchased HERE.] I’ve been swamped these past few weeks with a variety of projects in Unity3D, Second Life, and OpenSim – (with some open houses and beta releases just around the corner!) – and have […]

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Open Source Scripts: The DynaFleur Revealed

Many thanks to desdemona Enfield and the DynaFleur team for sharing these 2 awesome scripts! I rezzed them out and started playing with them – its quite addicting! I can imagine all sorts of wonderful applications of these. Here is the reflexPanel script and here is the reflexCilium script For the Cilium script, you’ll need […]

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