The Oculus Rift virtual reality application Arch Virtual built for our team gave us complete confidence that what we were about to build was fully understood by all parties.  Being able to communicate everything from intricate details to large scale spatial implications in an immersive way gave a much better understanding than could have otherwise been realized.  In the end, when the client walks into their new space, they won’t be experiencing it for the first time.  ”

Taylor Cupp, Senior ICC – LEED AP BD+C, Associate AIA, Mortenson Construction

Arch Virtual’s Oculus Rift application brings the new arena to life in a way that we couldn’t have done with any other technology or platform. The virtual reality tour is beautifully designed and gives users a full immersive virtual reality tour of the new arena.”

Chris Granger, President- Sacramento Kings NBA

“The virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift that Arch Virtual created for us provided a really unique and memorable way of engaging with customers.  They’re able to see some of the larger products we could never realistically transport to a trade show.  It’s just a very fun and immersive way to experience and learn more about our products.” 

Jay Fuller, at Wessels Company.

Forrester Research highlighted Arch Virtual in a report on VR: [link].

We shared insights with them about the state of the industry from a developer’s perspective, and what it takes to build professional VR applications for business.

“As CEO of Involve I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with Arch Virtual on several virtual world installations. Projects that pushed the envelopes of creativity.  Jon Brouchoud was excellent at taking our ideas working with them helping to refine them and then executing them to our ideals and beyond. If you are lucky enough to get Jon on a project consider your self fortunate for he is one of the best out there.”

Drew Stein, CEO, Involve, Inc.

“The experience working with Arch Virtual is phenomenal, the results are accurate and always delivered on committed dates.  We always have a very happy client when we work with Arch Virtual.”

Parth Gandhi, Managing Director at Sahaj Interactive Solutions

“Arch Virtual was wonderful to work with on the development of Edtech Retreat’s Lodge. They worked closely with us to make sure that we received the best quality build with all of the details we wanted to make it a successful project.”

Julie LaChance, Educational Technology Specialist

Some of our VR Work

See more projects in our Portfolio.

Virtual Reality that Solves Real World Problems

We use game technologies, but we’re not building games.  We’re harnessing VR to add real, measurable value to business and education.  We started with architecture, bringing together an experienced development team to help our clients visualize and promote buildings before construction starts.

We then set out to create VR applications in many other industries, including health care, manufacturing, advertising, complex data visualization, trade show experiences and more.


Everything we do is guided by rigorous quality standards, authored and informed by the world’s foremost experts in in virtual reality.


Arch Virtual has successfully shipped more b2b and non-game virtual reality applications than any other studio in the world.


We have developed a workflow and toolset that reduces the cost and development time of our applications.  


We absolutely love what we do.  You won’t find a more passionate group of developers,  dedicated to doing the best job they possibly can at every turn.  We don’t just build stuff.  We aim to raise the bar with each and every application we deliver.

One virtual reality experience at a time.

Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Virtual reality is impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t yet tried it.  Many who have describe it as among the most powerful experiences they’ve had, leaving a visceral and lasting impression they won’t soon forget.  We’re only scratching the surface of what can be done with this amazing technology, and the hardware is rapidly improving.

Virtual reality will soon impact every sphere of human endeavor.

virtual reality applications

Take A Look At Our Project Porfolio

Project Portfolio

Virtual Reality Applications

Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, GearVR, and HTC Vive (coming soon)

Non-VR Application for PC and Mac

Virtual applications available anytime, anywhere, without the need for any VR hardware.

Embed On A Website

We can embed a playable demo on your website.

Animations and Renderings

We can capture animations and high resolution images from the virtual environment that can be used for marketing and promotional materials.

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