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6 Ways to Win New Business with Virtual Reality

We build VR applications that make our clients successful.  They use the applications we develop to win new business, and showcase their products, ideas and services.  How do they do it?  Below are 6 ways you can use virtual reality to win new business.  But first, an...

Introducing the Immerse Framework: Building Blocks for Creating Interactive Virtual Environments with Unity

Today we’re excited to introduce the Immerse Framework, a toolkit of building blocks for creating interactive and multi-user virtual environments. New users can quickly bring their projects to life with interactivity without writing a single line of code, while advanced users can easily extend Immerse with a limitless range of functionality. Immerse can save developers thousands of dollars and months of time they would otherwise spend building these same elements from scratch.

Scanning Reality into Virtual Reality

As we create virtual realities, we’re constantly pulling in or generating a wide variety of data types and use it to create representative 3D model assets. This data most often comes from software – from BIM data to engineering models to scratch-built assets from 3DS or Maya. Or, it can come from reality.

Arch Virtual Heads West

One of the major benefits of an organized virtual team is the geographical flexibility.  Not only can we recruit talented virtual reality and Oculus Rift / GearVR developers from anywhere in the world, but our studio is completely untethered just the same. In January,...


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