Arch Virtual is Hiring! Business Development and Sales Manager

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Arch Virtual is a leading developer of non-game applications for Oculus Rift virtual reality and web-based real-time 3D applications.

We’re quickly growing from a small indie studio into a larger agency, and need a business development and sales manager who is as eager as we are to lead the way toward truly cutting-edge virtual reality applications.

What we need most is someone who can assist us in closing deals with inquiries we receive, generating new leads, drafting estimates and work orders, collaborating with project managers to estimate project costs, and giving in-person Oculus Rift demos, and public presentations.

While travel isn’t explicitly required, there may be opportunities that arise that will warrant some travel to do in-person Oculus Rift presentations and demos within the U.S. to help close new projects.

Some features of an ideal candidate (although not at all required), would be experience in game development, 3D environments, architecture and VR development.

This is a remote, freelance position – with the goal of transitioning into a long-term, full-time position.

Send a resume and any other references you have to info @ archvirtual (dot) com.

Jon Brouchoud, M.Arch

Meet Arch Virtual!

Brouchoud Family

I’m always talking up our team at Arch Virtual, but now it’s time to name names.  There’s no chance we could do what we do without their help, and I want to thank them publicly and sincerely for the incredible work they’ve done for Arch Virtual over the years.

If only I could talk them all into moving to one city, we would gladly set up permanent shop there!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way, and the best developers live all around the world.  So, instead of huddling around cubicles, we recruit the most talented independent contractors and collaborate remotely, using the latest and greatest collaboration technologies.

By managing projects this way, we can lower the cost of our services, speed up our delivery time, bring highly specialized developers around specific project needs, and rapidly scale the size of the team around the projects we’re tackling.  Just ask any of our clients,and they’ll attest to the full service, agency level communication and quality they receive when working with Arch Virtual.

Here they are, in the order we first started working with them.


Kandy Brouchoud, my wife and co-founder of Arch Virtual is an experienced LEED certified designer, with a Master’s degree in Architecture. She’s at work behind the scenes affecting direction and strategy on a regular basis. Where I’m all big picture, she’s about details, bringing a practical perspective to our work.


Ethan Eves is a ‘legacy’ Arch Virtual contractor we’ve been working with for years.  He brings an amazing combination of math and art – constantly experimenting with fractal and procedurally generated architecture.


Tyler Cook, another ‘legacy’ contractor we’ve worked with for many years, remains very faithful to his day job, but he’s quick and clever enough to make his nights-and-weekends effort seem like so much more.  Tyler helps us solve many seemingly impossible code challenges, and has helped build some fun new Rift interface stuff.  He’s patient in solving some of the most pressing issues, and an all around great guy to work with.


Stefan Boeykens is one of our ‘special teams’ consultants we bring in for some of the more complex BIM conversions, especially ArchiCAD.  He really knows his stuff, and is lightening fast at returning model conversions we can start layering into Unity and beyond.


We’ve enjoyed a very successful strategic partnership with Sahaj Interactive Solutions for projects throughout India. Parth Gandhi, managing director there, has brought several exciting Oculus Rift projects that we have successfully completed – resulting in very happy clients. We have even more exciting project on the boards – stay tuned!


Programming genius Julien Lynge has been at the forefront of some of our biggest gigs, and helps solve some of our most technical challenges. He’s embarking on exciting new chapter in his career, and will be at the forefront of many of our biggest projects throughout 2014 and beyond.


Eric Hackathorn once made the best martini I’ve ever had using an iPad app and a digital scale. He’s a brilliant geek, and the stuff Eric builds is so technically sophisticated that I can hardly grok how it all works. He’s also a terrain guru (his day job at NOAA certainly helps!), using all kinds of awesome tools to shape highly realistic environments.


Jeff Smith brings a much needed ‘can do’ attitude to the projects he works on, along with a diversity of skills, including web development (he helped build our Cost Estimation tool). He also helped integrate our Suzuki racing environment with the G27 logitech steering wheel system and more.


If you’ve noticed a significant boost in the quality and realism of our projects, it’s likely thanks to Anton Hand, from Rust, Ltd. He’s one of our ‘big guns’ developers we bring in to help with projects that require the very highest possible quality. He’s a perfectionist, and also a great educator, not just delivering top notch quality, but also helping us develop standards and showing us how it’s done so we can raise the bar on all of our projects.  Check out Rust’s new ‘Alloy‘ shader system for Unity3D – incredible stuff!


Anton introduced me to Luke Noonan, also with Rust, Ltd, who has tackled numerous UI and programming challenges. He has some very exciting new development initiatives up his sleeve that I’m honored to be a part of.  You’ll be seeing more of what he’s built for us in upcoming projects.


Another Rust introduction is Adam Bloch. He’s an incredible 3D modeler, with an eye for perfection, who pays incredibly careful attention to detail. If we need a complex model completed to absolute perfection – Adam’s the guy we call.


Donal Phillips is one of the best audio engineers we’ve worked with. He’s incredibly fast, responsive and not afraid to jump into projects at the last minute and bring the sound quality up to triple-A levels.


Russ Lunsford has the lowest voice of anyone on the team, and could easily trade his Unity programming work for voice acting (we’re sure glad he hasn’t!).  Russ is one of the best, bringing a wide variety of skills to the table. You’ll be seeing a lot more of his work coming to life in projects we’ll be rolling out over the next few months.


Xander Davis brings graphics smarts. What I love about Xander is his reductionist and research-based approach to distilling the essence of what is required to communicate a message graphically. He’s a lot less about adding stuff arbitrarily and more about intelligently removing elements until you’re left with the raw essence of the graphic – which results in an elegant, professional beauty in the graphics he creates.


Shawn McCulley is one of our architectural 3D modelers. He knows his way around architectural blueprints, and creates the base 3D models for many of our arch viz projects. He has a sharp eye for accuracy, and you’ll see his work in many of the new projects being developed for the Panoptic Group to be released later this month.


Boris Blosse brings a number of different skills, both in 3D modeling and in Unity integration and polishing. He has a way of bringing what would otherwise be mundane scenes to life, with an attention to detail and realism that really makes his projects pop.


Daniel Rose does both 3D and Unity, with very patient attention to detail, while constantly studying new tips, tricks and techniques we can apply to each project to improve the quality and realism. He’s quick, responsive, eager to exceed our expectations, very easy to work with, and patient in working through all of the minutia of architectural interiors.


Matt Jeffery has developed a bunch of amazing 3D assets for our projects that have contributed to the realism and detail of our interiors projects. While he’s been helping us with 3D modeling for the time being, he brings so much more to the table beyond 3D modeling, in knowledge of Unity integration, lighting, and more. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Matt’s work in several upcoming projects.


Rohan Spuke is an animator, CG and post-production effects specialist. He’s working on a variety of graphics to help improve our video animations and more.


Larry Bishop is our IT guru at LGB Computers. He often awakes in the morning to find, “OMG LARRY, the internet’s borked!” to which he patiently responds with quick fixes and long term solutions to keep us up and running. Larry built our latest ‘Big Rig,’ which is responsible for baking the lightmaps on all of our most recent projects.


Micah McNeely is a very talented 3D artist.  He’s proficient in numerous platforms and brings a strong attention to detail and deadlines.


Artur Leao brings serious 3DS max skills to the table.  He’s tackled some of our trickiest retopo assignments, and always completes his work ahead of schedule.  Artur is also a brilliant animator and VFX artist.


That’s me with the sun in my eyes! ;-)  I’m sincerely honored to be working with such a talented group of developers.

What about you?  We’re always looking for the industry’s best developers in every specialized field.  Send us a note at info @ with your resume and portfolio to see if you’re a good fit.

THANK YOU!  Arch Virtual wouldn’t exist without your help, and we look forward to many more exciting projects ahead.  The best is yet to come!

Arch Virtual in the news! Facebook + Oculus Rift and a big win for non-game VR applications



What a week!  Facebook announced it would be acquiring Oculus for $2 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg specifically mentioned his interest in non-game applications of the Rift as the future of virtual reality.   We couldn’t agree more! Since the day we first received our Oculus Rift prototype developer kit, we knew it would be a game changer for all sorts of applications outside of game development.

We had the opportunity to share those views with C|NET, Wired, The Street, The Wire and Yahoo! News, thanks to some quick thinking by Wonacott Communications.   Very few people we speak with can believe just how many non-game applications we’ve completed for Oculus Rift in under 1 year since the prototype kit was released.

Nearly all of the news media coverage of the acquisition featured wild speculation from researchers and analysts, who described the types of applications they think might be useful at some point in the distant future.  We’re not waiting!  We jumped in early, and have already developed lots of exciting projects with the Oculus Rift for clients who are enjoying clear, measurable returns on their investment in VR, in most cases doubling and tripling the size of their applications for deployment later this year.

We’ve built Oculus Rift applications for several Fortune 500 companies, and we’ve ‘virtualized’ nearly 12 million square feet of architectural space for the largest architectural and construction firms in the world.  We built a Himalayan driving experience for Suzuki!   We’ve created dozens of applications that were used at trade shows around the world – including Wessels Virtual Warehouse, a facility for Atlas Engineering, and many more.

 These are boom times on the virtual frontier, and we’re always looking for clients who aren’t afraid to get out in front of this exciting new technology.  Remember – if you’re planning on working with us on a Rift application anytime soon, be sure to place your order for DK2 today!  

Suzuki Showcases Oculus Rift Himalayan Driving Experience at International Auto Expo

Arch Virtual recently partnered with Sahaj Interactive Solutions to complete a new Oculus Rift application for Suzuki, which was showcased at this year’s 12th annual Auto Expo.

“The Oculus Rift application for Suzuki was a huge success for us. Visitors to the Suzuki booth had a lot of fun driving it, and we received an overwhelming amount of very positive feedback, with lots of other companies interested in developing the same type of Rift application for their products and vehicles. We expect to see a lot of growth around virtual reality applications through this year and into the future,” said Parth Gandhi, Managing Director of Sahaj Interactive Solutions.


The ‘Himalayan Racing Experience,’ for Oculus Rift is controlled with the Logitech G27 steering wheel hardware, and featured the Suzuki Swift vehicle.

While the application was only a phase 1 prototype, developed in just under 4 weeks, it is a genuinely fun game to play, with a high quality finish that provides a deeply immersive and thrilling experience.






For more information on how Arch Virtual can create an Oculus Rift experience to showcase your product or service, send us a note at our contact page (here) to receive a free estimate.


Introducing the ‘Cost Estimation Tool’ for Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization Projects

The value of virtual reality in architecture, real estate and construction industries is becoming increasingly well known, and what everyone wants to know is, “how much does it cost?”

To help simplify the estimation process, we developed the ‘Cost Estimation Tool,’ found on our Architectural Visualization page, which enables you to get a sense of what it will cost to transform your architectural project into an unforgettable and highly effective virtual reality experience.

These estimates are not guaranteed, but only intended to give you a sense of what it will take to transform your project into a VR application.  All of our applications include a free Oculus Rift, a VR application compatible with Oculsu Rift, a Web Player application, several high resolution illustrations and a 60 second animation video.

To get a free estimate for your project, or for projects larger than 100,000 square feet, please fill out the form on the Architectural Visualization page, and we will respond with an estimate within 24 hours.

Architectural visualization and real estate development marketing with Oculus Rift and Unity3D


Real Estate Development is Virtually Changing

Another nice article about architectural visualization and real estate development marketing by Arch Virtual with Oculus Rift – this time in Dream Town – covering the future of real estate development, construction and architecture.

“Thanks to motion sensor tracking devices on the glasses, users can immerse themselves in a complete 3D world that is clear and realistic in size and scope.”

Read the full article here:

Oculus Rift

[Paid Positions] Looking for Demo / Sales Partners

Arch Virtual is looking for Oculus Rift demo partners.   The specific focus of these demo partnership will be real-time architectural visualization with the Oculus Rift.

We prefer candidates with any of the following qualifications.  Please note: these are not requirements, only preferred qualifications:

  • Experience or interest in Oculus Rift
  • Anyone who already owns a Rift is a huge plus, but not required
  • Those with existing contacts or leads within architecture, construction and real estate development in your region a huge plus
  • Background, experience or training in architecture, construction, or real estate development
  • Some sales and marketing experience a plus
  • Some understanding of game development – broad level comprehension of Unity3D

We will provide all marketing and sales materials, a suggested demo script, Rift applications to demo and a slide deck to accompany the demo.  Project estimating, foll0w-up questions and contract preparation will be handled separately, by Arch Virtual.  The goal of these demos will be to enable potential clients to try the Oculus Rift out and generate leads.

Demo partners will be paid hourly for preparation, demo time, and any follow-up time, along with a sales commission on each new project.

Please send inquiries to




Five incredible ways Oculus Rift will go beyond gaming


Nice coverage in the Tech Radar!

Virtual reality will soon enable us to create ‘perfect’ buildings, where form fits function like a glove.

Read the full article here:   Five incredible ways Oculus Rift will go beyond gaming (link)

oculus rift and virtual reality for architectural visualization and serious games, manufacturing, advertising, marketing and more

Arch Virtual is Hiring! Sales, Architectural Modeling and Prop Asset Development

Arch Virtual is looking for help in several areas.  If you’re interested, please contact us at info (at) archvirtual (dot) com.


We are looking for a dedicated sales and marketing professional to assist with

  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Help develop and implement strategic sales plans
  • Facilitate client requirements meetings remotely using current online presentation applications
  • Develop market analysis to identify customer needs, price schedules, and discount rates
  • Stay current with client needs, competition, and industry trends
  • Deliver sales presentations/proposals to prospective clients with a successful closing rate
  • Develop and manage client relationships
  • Manage projects to make sure that they get completed in a timely manner
  • Responsible for assisting with sales/marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Some experience in 3D games, Unity3D, Oculus Rift virtual worlds or architecture is preferred


Applicant needs to be able to:

  • Model in either Maya, Max, Blender or Modo, efficient and accurate prop models based on provided dimensions and photo reference.
  • UV said models to a uniform texels-per-meter scale efficiently
  • Generate a second set of proper lightmap UVs
  • Texture paint diffuse and specular maps for said models
  • Export models to fbx with correct scaling for Unity.


Applicant needs to be able to:

  • Read plan/elevation architectural blueprints.
  • Model in either Maya, Max, Blender or Modo, efficient and accurate representations of the interior and exterior of structures based on provided constraints.
  • UV said model to a uniform texels-per-meter scale.
  • Create accurate seamless diffuse textures for surfaces based on description or photo reference.
  • Export models to fbx with correct scaling for Unity.

Virtual reality set to transform real estate development marketing

[Note: An Oculus Rift application, non-Rift application and web-based application can be found below]

CHICAGO, Illinois (January 10, 2014) - The building site is vacant, and construction hasn’t started yet, but thanks to Arch Virtual’s new virtual reality experiences you can step inside the new building as if it were already built.

“I feels as if I’m really there! It’s absolutely amazing.” said one visitor at this year’s Autodesk University convention in Las Vegas where Panoptic’s latest virtual reality application was showcased.

The virtual experience, developed by Arch Virtual, uses the popular new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which combines real-time head tracking with a stereoscopic display to provide a deeply immersive and engaging experience, leaving the player feeling as if they’ve suddenly been transported to another place.

As a marketing tool, Oculus Rift has been extremely effective in helping us pre-sell our development projects.  By enabling customers to visualize space and high quality design, Oculus Rift provides a captivating and very fun experience,” said Roman Popovych, of Panoptic Group.

The same virtual model can also be accessed on Panoptic’s website (link).


For a price that’s competitive or even lower than traditional architectural illustrations, Arch Virtual not only creates the real-time model, but also uses the same model to easily capture high resolution screenshots and animations that can be used in marketing materials and on websites. Arch Virtual has been working with real estate developers, general contractors, building owners and architects, who use the virtual reality offering as a way of winning new projects, or as a way of promoting a new building.

“Wherever we demo the Rift, there’s always a unanimous consensus that this technology will soon revolutionize the way we visualize and even design architecture in the very near future,” said Brouchoud.

Download an Oculus Rift compatible version for PC here:

Download an Oculus Rift compatible version for Mac here:

Access this build in a web browser here:

About Arch Virtual: Arch Virtual provides 3D and virtual reality environments for use in visualization, simulation, marketing for clients located around the world. For more information, visit Contact: Jon Brouchoud Arch Virtual ( 608-219-9318

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